How I Approach Gain Staging

How I approach Gain Staging in DAW Production by Jeff Evans Introduction When we look at how we managed gain staging in the days of mixers and reel to reel multitrack analog tape recorders, there were conventions that were designed for a good reason and they actually worked! Mixers In mixers we aimed for a […]

Recording Hound- Mixing and Mastering Services

    Yes that’s right!! You heard it here first!! Recording hound now offers mixing and mastering services!! We won’t be going away after all! I know you haven’t heard from me in awhile. It took some time to arrive at the solutions to a few issues that have now been resolved! I can make […]

How To Build A Recording Computer Part 4 Installing Power Supply and Motherboard

How To Build A Recording Computer- Part 4 Installing Power Supply And Motherboard ©recordinghound 2016 Work Space Before you begin your build, you will need all of your hardware ready to assemble. Here is a list of the hardware I used in the building of this computer. Case- Fractal Design R4 Power Supply-EVGA 80 plus […]

How To Build A Recording Computer, Motherboard And CPU ,Description And Selection Part 2

By Tim Smith This Series of E-book/Articles will cover step by step the building of a computer used for audio recording. All information herein is the property of Recordinghound.com and may not be reproduced or used in any way without express permission from Recordinghound.com. C 2016 In this article I explain the functions of the […]

Recordinghound Interview- Cian McGovern

Recordinghound Interview- Cian McGovern

This show I talk with Cian McGovern from Kilmore County Ireland about past projects and future plans regarding his music. You may find his work posted at www.cmcgmusic.com .He also has videos which may be found by searching ” cianwhack” on youtube. The show is hosted by Tim Smith,Recording Hound owner. Some of his music […]

Recording Hound Interview- Dan Cumpian

Recording Hound Interview- Dan Cumpian

To listen to this podcast, click on the player below Dan’s Soundcloud track in this post or alternately go to the iTunes podcast area and subscribe! In this episode I talk with Dan Cumpian. Dan has been recording in his home studio for over 20 years. Dan’s most recent prog rock track called “The Knight” […]

Podcast Interview- Monostone

In this show I interview Dek or Monostone as he is known on Soundcloud. This show deals with creativity approaches and using a small home studio to make great recordings. It was a great pleasure to touch bases with Dek as he continues to create great music and tells us a little bit about how […]

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