Komplete 10 Review First Impressions


Native Instruments Komplete 10 was recently released in both the Komplete 10 and Komplete 10 Ultimate versions. This review will focus on Komplete 10.

Native Instruments have been involved in software instruments for a long time and have become a dominant force in the market, partly because of the cross platform technology that allows many of its products to be used in many different DAWs. Secondly their user interface along with the instruments and sounds themselves have made making music for almost anything much easier. NI have released a series of new keyboard controllers that fit their large multi instrument program Komplete 10 to every detail.

Komplete Keyboard

All it takes is downloading the Komplete metadata control software plug-in ( part of Komplete 10 ) into your computer and buying the controller. The plug in consolidates all Komplete programs into one location making finding any sound so much easier than ever before.I noticed a slighly higher load on my older quad core computer using the Komplete 10 metedata library plug-in. This would be expected with the extra work it’s doing.

Even if you don’t purchase their keyboard controller you still have access to all of the essential Komplete instruments from inside the plug in and can use computer keystrokes to select sounds. Once loaded all sounds should still be readily controllable through typical midi controllers…or your mouse. If you’re a Komplete power user then I highly recommend getting the controller if you don’t mind 61 or less keys.

If you’re using an older version of Komplete you might still be able to take advantage of the upgrade to Komplete 10 discount. In my case I had Komplete 9 installed. I thought that the price to upgrade was reasonable. I opted to have hard copies of the install software shipped to me instead of using the NI website to download. At 130 gb it would have probably taken days with my average internet download speeds. The box arrived in a nice package with magnetic clasps. 13 DVDs in total. There were a few things about the installation itself that had me asking a few questions. The upgrade software still needs to be told where to put your libraries.Initailly I thought it would read the directory and automatically put the libraries where they were before. In my case they were on another hard drive. The default installs to a public folder on your C drive, so be sure to tell it where you want the files. Make another if nessessary and rename it so you know where it will be. It is common to install any program with sound libraries onto a minimum of one other hard drive with a fast read speed of 7200 rpm.

I had a few other minor nits about the installation. An upgrade is usually made up of files you already have on your computer plus the new files. The way the upgrade loaded was time consuming because it seemed to reload files I already had…or take a long time looking at existing files to make changes. I’m not sure which it was but a direct installation from a 24x drive seemed to take much longer than similar installations Ive done in the past.Usually a program instantly looks at existing files, passes them by and only installs what you don’t have.It seemed as if it uninstalled all files and reinstalled many of the same ones.I’m sure NI probably have a good reason for all of this.Just don’t come to this party if you’re short on time.

The new pianos alone make the upgrade worth the cost.Here a simple video of me playing with the new Maverick piano,one of the new pianos in Komplete 10 ( don’t mind the sock monkey).

Maverick isn’t the only new piano there are three in addition to the many others! You also get some really innovative synths like nothing you’ve ever played with before. Kontour and Rounds are keepers for both film and movie work as well as song constructions.Look for reviews of these two very soon. Additional upgrades include a killer compressor, another drum program called DRUMLAB.A distortion filter called Driver. Ive only filled you in on some of the new additions. It would be exhaustive in one article to mention everything included. Guitarists love Guitar Rig Pro and that’s also a part of Komplete. Check it out here

Komplete 10 gives you enough sound artillery to keep you busy just trying sounds for hours upon hours.
Look for more in depth reviews of Komplete 10 to come!

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