Plug-ins and DAW Recording With Dave Townsend

In this show I talk with Dave Townsend from the Seattle, WA. area. His screen name is “bitflipper” over in the Cakewalk Community area. Dave is a software engineer, plug-in lover and a technical writer for Soundbytes, a free online publication which I highly recommend.

In this show we touch on some of the finer points of DAW plug-ins.

A plug-in is simply the tools that come with most DAWs such as EQ and compression,although some DAWs such as Reason are generally closed to use of outside plug-ins.The plug-ins that came with your DAW might be all you need.Some DAWs have a more integrated approach, while others let you drag and drop at will in any order. There are many other 3rd party companies that make additional plug-ins that will work in your DAW and in some cases are a big improvements over the stock ones that came with your DAW. Fabfilter, Waves, Melda, IK multimedia are just a few of the companies who make fine 3rd party plug-ins.


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