Progress Of A Mix Conclusion

This is the last part of a series intended to follow a  mix through to completion. In a sense, this is exactly what happened. We have a completed work, yet not something I would consider  release ready material. What we ended up with in the end was a nice demo.

So what differentiates a demo from something you would release to the general public? I guess that answer is highly subjective. In this example we had a mix that was pretty good yet had a few fatal flaws that were simply more difficult to correct than to simply move on. Lessons learned. That’s ok. The song never had commercial intentions and was mainly a pilot song to see if this kind of combination was working.

In hindsight I was probably a bit too bold in attempting something new for me in the rhythm department. Sreyashi was a real trooper though and we managed to hammer out something respectable.

Some of the issues that probably killed the song from the beginning were-

  • A rhythm that didn’t entirely sit well with everyone
  • An initial drum take that combined the cymbal track audio with audio from other drum tracks. Retaking and splitting those tracks proved too time consuming for me as a part time mixer to correct to the level we needed.

The initial scope of the song changed over time. Sometimes this is a good thing. To use the mixing process as a part of the creative process. We do this in small ways all the time. In this case, some changes were larger than that.

I never seen this as a loss. More like a good way to determine a better direction for future projects. I had hope we would have a killer mix to present. Unfortunately the elements of the mix are less than stellar. One great outcome though, has been that many have heard Sreyashi’s amazing vocal ability. From this she has found another project. I wish her the very best!

The mix has some errors still. Some parts are slightly too loud and the music is out of sync with the vocals slightly in a few places. This is only one example of about 5 examples of the mix in various renditions. I didn’t see the point in further work on it with the other problems it had.


In the end I had about 1.5 gb of audio from the project. In the future maybe this can be utilized to a better end. Right now though, I think we simply decided to give it a rest and move on to other productive tasks.

Here’s one example of the mix. There were several. I chose this one as the last to display for now.

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