Recording Hound- Mixing and Mastering Services



Yes that’s right!! You heard it here first!!

Recording hound now offers mixing and mastering services!! We won’t be going away after all! I know you haven’t heard from me in awhile. It took some time to arrive at the solutions to a few issues that have now been resolved!

I can make instrumental backing tracks if needed. Clean up mixes and offer mastering. Contact me for pricing options.

Periodically I’ll post examples of mixes and how they can be improved  either in your studio or as a service I offer to you. I’ll give tips on how to successfully track  rough tracks for mixing/mastering. I’ll give suggestions on how to get the maximum benefits from your daw.

It always helps to have a second opinion. Mixes that sound good on one system might not sound good on all systems. One of my specialties is making the track the best it can be on every system it is played on.

I’ll give you up to three revisions FREE for any track I work on. Speaking of free, I offer free initial consultation and  very  reasonable pricing. You don’t need to pay for an entire album all at once. If money is tight I can do pay as you go one track at a time.

You may contact me at the following email-





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